French Cinematographer (Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York)

USA Visa O-1b



ALEXANDRE D'AUDIFFRET uses a lot from his Engineering and Philosophy background in Cinematography. His main motivation is to tell an emotion through the storytelling and the craft of Cinematography.

Every story and director have their own needs regarding cinematography, therefore ALEXANDRE D'AUDIFFRET spend of lot of time in prep and scouting, to really understand the director's will and emotion for specific scenes.

His work on Feature Films,  High-End commercials (Azzaro, Chaumet, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dior, Swarovski, l'Oreal, ...) and documentaries gave him the ability to work on very different styles of productions. Ranging from a small crew to a 50 technicians crew with multiple cameras.


ALEXANDRE D'AUDIFFRET has been featured for his cinematography in :

- AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER, August 2017 for his work on MOMMA (director: Nacho Arenas)

- FDTimes, for his work on "L'Hypothèse de la Reine Rouge" (director: Florian Thomas)

and on numerous occasions for his photographic work in magazines such as: POLKA, Leica Magazine, etc...